A Dressing Needs was established in 2000 by Amberin Bonnett. She combined her degree in psychology with her expertise in health care to create comfortable clothing for individuals with mobility and medical issues.

Amberin feels everyone deserves comfortable, functional and fashionable clothing to complement their daily activities. Our designs are created with the wearers comfort and ease of use in mind.

We're proud to be a Canadian adaptive clothing designer!
We create all A Dressing Needs, Adaptive Clothing designs right here in our tailoring shop in Mission, BC, Canada. Although we offer standard designs off the rack that are easy to use, experience tells us everyone is going to need their jacket a little customized. Producing or adapting these garments in shop after we know what the wearer will benefit from allows us to put personalized touches on makes a good jacket great.

Contact us if you require more information or have specific requests for your garment.

We're always craving feedback, so please call or email any suggestions/ comments you may have.

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