G-tube adaptive clothing - Great for stoma site maintenance, flushes, and G-tube feeding systems
G-tube adaptive clothing - easy stoma access
G-tube snaps - Fully opening groin seam for personal care in boy short style for comfort
G-tube adaptive clothing - easy stoma access

Protective G-Tube Bodysuit

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Easy Stoma Care 
Easy Ostomy Care
Durable Fabric resistant to bacteria growth
Calming effect with proprioceptive sensory qualities  (provides sensory stimulation of calming lightweight compression to the body).
Streamlined dignified design provides discreet use
-Front zipper panel provides quick access for stoma site care
-Anti-bacterial and odor resistant fabric which is breathable and resistant to bacteria growth
-Technological "Chitosante" fabric is treated with the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world at this time certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Certified)
-Industrial laundry friendly
-Special left side Entry/Exit allows for convenient use and storage of tube.
-Complete opening groin seam for easier personal care
-Mid Weight Compression and 4 way stretch fabric provide comfort and allow free range of motion
-Helps prevent medical emergency by reducing tube pulling and site aggravation.
-Personalized fit with 9 sizes (3 Pediatric, 3 Adult Female and 3 Adult Male)
Clients that would benefit from this g-tube bodysuit
-Post Surgery from having a Gastrostomy Feeding tube inserted
-Post Gastrostomy-jejunostomy surgery
-Individuals that pull at their g-tube
-Those benefiting from frequent site maintenance and monitoring
-Persons seeking streamlined protection and containment of ostomy site and/or tubes or other medical equipment

Pediatric Sizes







29” 1/4






29” 1/4

33” 1/2

33” 3/4



15” 1/2


19” 1/4


Back Length


15” 3/8

15” 3/4


Sizing Chart for G-Tube Suit

Petite/Small                                                        122cm - 158 cm (4ft to 5ft 2")

Regular                                                               158.5cm - 176cm (5ft 2"- 5ft 8")

Tall/Extended                                                       176cm - 195cm (5ft 8" - 6ft 4")

Custom Sizing Available

 Measuring for Custom Adaptive Outerwear

Measure from highest part of shoulder to tip of toe/or footrest